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PRESIDENT: The President shall preside at all meetings of the league and chair all such meetings.  The President must be a signing officer for the league. The President shall appoint a member to act as secretary to take minutes of meetings on league business.

VICE-PRESIDENT: A Vice-President shall be appointed for each age group.  One of the Vice‑Presidents shall perform duties of the President in his absence.

MATCH SECRETARY: The Match Secretary shall be responsible for organizing the playing schedules for the league and any tournaments and "all star" games within their respective age groups. The Match Secretaries shall obtain, on behalf of the league, all necessary permits to secure playing fields to suit the schedule. Any changes to the published schedule must be approved by the Match Secretary.  The Match Secretary shall keep timely records of league results and standings, and shall be responsible for publishing of same on a regular basis to the BSL website.  The Match Secretary may be a signing officer of the league.

CHIEF FINACIAL OFFICER: The CFO shall be responsible for all financial matters concerning the league.  He shall properly keep an up to date record of all business transactions. The Treasurer shall provide a written financial report when requested by the Executive Committee.  The CFO may be a signing officer of the league.

REGISTRAR: The Registrar shall be responsible for the successful registration of players into the OSA database and maintaining an accurate file on registered members.  The Registrar may be signing officers of the league.

SOCIAL/PUBLIC RELATIONS CONVENOR: The Social/Public Relations Convenor shall be responsible for all social activities of the league.  The Social/Public Relations Convenor may establish a Social Committee with the responsibility of organizing such activities.  He shall also be responsible for dissemination of information pertaining to league activity, such as publication of results, standings and game information to all media outlets.

DISCIPLINE COMMITTEE CHAIRMAN: A Discipline Chairman shall be appointed for each age group.  The Discipline Committee Chairmen shall be responsible for investigating all complaints, within their respective age groups, made respecting any member or registrant of the league, who is alleged to be guilty of any practice detrimental to the game. The discipline chairman shall not have a vote at any disciplinary meeting for members within his age group, however, in combined meetings of both age groups, the discipline chairman shall be decided based on the age group of the player being disciplined, unless in order to resolve a tie.