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Over 50 Division Update

A new session is starting for the Over Fifties. This will consist of a Division 1 and a Divison 2.

Congratulations to the Kopites for winning the first session!

Burlington Soccer League Financials

Have a look at our 2018 Financials:

2019 Carry Over Suspensions

PlayerTeamCarried Over to 2019
Jacob DerderianGlasgow United Over 30 Div 18 Games
Jacob DerderianLakers - Open Age Premier2 Game
Alex AyalaLions 77 - Over 40 Div 11 Game
David ArangoGTFC - Open Age Premier1 Game
Juan ArangoGTFC - Open Age Premier3 Games
Patrick CiaramellaGTFC - Open Age Premier1 Game
Skylar HillAffiliates Open Age Premier 2 Games

Update - BYSC and BSL from Burlington Soccer Club

The BURLINGTON SOCCER LEAGUE (BSL) has reached an agreement with BURLINGTON YOUTH SOCCER CLUB (BYSC) and effective immediately all BSL operations will be managed by BYSC.

As a result, the combined operations will be branded as the BURLINGTON SOCCER CLUB, a single organisation offering soccer programmes to all ages to Burlington and the surrounding area. BSC will adopt BYSC’s prior vision of ‘Soccer for Life’.

This development is a crucial, positive step for the BSL. Over the years our Executive Committee, working closely with our Team Convenors, has striven to provide a well-organised, value-for-money experience to our many players. Historically, finding volunteers to devote their time and skills to the management of the league has been difficult – we have a small number of people executing a large portfolio of work. It has been a constant impediment to the goal of continuously improving the goal of providing a high-quality experience to our convenors and players.

Strategically, the BSL cannot thrive and grow (and manage costs down) without solving this problem. The solution, as I have stated many times, is to transition from volunteer-based management to a system managed by full-time staff. The creation of Burlington Soccer Club will achieve this as BYSC bring their operational strength to the table.

For those of you who may be concerned that this puts adult soccer ‘in the back seat’, let me assure you this is not the case.

As part of the agreement:
  • David Redmayne of BSL has joined the BURLINGTON SOCCER CLUB Board of Directors (as of the recent BYSC Annual General Meeting).
  • I will be assisting BURLINGTON SOCCER CLUB staff with merging the operations.
  • Tony Dawkins will be backing me up as we transfer operations to BSC and wind down BSL operations.
  • I have also asked David Locke, Behn Wurthman and Phil Prata to represent our various age-groups (as divisional convenors) giving each of our team managers a direct line to BSC’s Operations team.
  • Scott Mason will assist with the transition of Discipline operations.
Both groups gain significant benefits from this agreement. The BYSC, as you know it, gains an adult programme and a new identity. BSL members will carry on their playing activities with benefit of BURLINGTON SOCCER CLUB’s full-time staff replacing our volunteer operations.

The BSL has been fortunate over the years to have competent and committed people step forward to drive the club to the healthy state we have achieved. On a personal note, I have been on the Executive Committee of BSL for thirty years. Tony Dawkins has been my valued colleague for the same length of time. The BSL is in our blood. We would not take the BSL in this direction unless it was absolutely the right thing to do, and with the support of the Executive Committee we believe that this is not only the right thing to do for the BSL but is the start of a new era of soccer in Burlington.

We are very much looking forward to getting the 2019 season on the road and to that end, please ensure that your team will be represented at our AGM on Feb 16 (location TBD).

- Les Bell

BSL 2018 Season Wrap-up

Congratulations to everyone for a great 2018 outdoor season.
Once again, as in previous years, 2018 saw some great soccer with outstanding team and individual performances.

Details for the BSL AGM will be announced shortly, so start planning for 2019!!

Here are the 2018 Division Champions, Playoff Winners and Leading Goal Scorers:

Division Champions
  • Open Age Premier Division - MCM
  • Open Age Division 1 - Sporting Abeergut
  • Over 30 Division 1 - Glasgow United
  • Over 30 Division 2 - Eastenders
  • Over 40 Division - Colts
  • Over 50 Division - Spurs 5.0
Division Playoff Winners
  • Open Age Premier Division - MCM
  • Open Age Division 1 - Lakers
  • Over 30 Division 1 - Glasgow United
  • Over 30 Division 2 - Delta 88's
  • Over 40 Division - Colts
  • Over 50 Division - Vipers
AMMC Winners
  • MCM
Leading Goal Scorers
  • Open Age Premier Division - Chris Burton - MCM
  • Open Age Division 1 - Bradley Batty - Rangers
  • Over 30 Division 1 - Matthew Mcolhopf - Dundas United
  • Over 30 Division 2 - Marcin Duran - Eastenders
  • Over 40 Division - Chris Burton - Colts
  • Over 50 Division - Wade Beattie - Spurs 5.0
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