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BSL 2018 - Carried Over Suspensions

These are suspensions that were issued in 2017 and must be served during the 2018 season.
Players who are suspended must not play until they serve their suspension as listed.
Players must still serve their carried over suspension even if they have changed teams or their team changed it's name for 2018.

PlayerTeamCarried Over to 2018
Lucas HarperAffiliates2 Games
Christopher BrophyClash Athletic1 Game
Matt HorbaczClash Athletic2 Games
Denis KulonovicDecebal3 Games
Mike PesicGlasgow United3 Games
Vladamir ZlataricGlasgow United1 Game
David ArangoGTFC1 Game
Demetry TselepakisHammer FC1 Game
Gino GiacaloneLads O401 Game
Owen LoughLads O401 Game
Lester RosalesLions 771 Game
Ivan StojakovicSerbian Connection2 Games
Mike NolanSquires2 Games