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5010 South Service Road, 2nd floor
Burlington, Ont. L7L 5Y2
Tony (416) 557-6070

BSL 2012 - Key Contacts

Executive Members

President & CEOLes Bellboro86@mac.com
Chief Financial OfficerColin Parker cparker81@bell.net
Chief Disciplinary ChairpersonIan McCreadiejohn_mccreadie@sympatico.ca
Chief Legal OfficerRobert Lennoxrhlcanada@yahoo.ca
Vice President of OperationsLes Bellboro86@mac.com
Special ProjectsChantal Robbinschantilly_lace1226@hotmail.com
Past PresidentChris Roszellchrisroszell@hotmail.com

Vice Presidents

VP Open Age DivisionsChristian Meyerchc.meyer@gmail.com
VP Senior Rec. DivisionColin Parkercparker70@cogeco.ca
VP Womens DivisionsChantal Robbinschantilly_lace1226@hotmail.com
VP Over 30/Over 41 DivisionsMike Cramptoncramptonmb@hotmail.com

Directors of the BSL

Director of Discipline - Open Age, Women's Division and Co-EdCam Hart camhart@rogers.com
Director of Discipline - Over 30/41, SRD, IndoorScott Masonsmason19@cogeco.ca
Director of CommunicationsDana Boyleravenrules9@hotmail.com

Additional Contacts

Match Secretary 1Tony DawkinsTony@LSGM.CA
Match Secretary 2Martin Cheshiremartin@lsgm.ca
Registrar 1Tony DawkinsTony@LSGM.CA
Registrar 2Martin Cheshiremartin@lsgm.ca